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Bringing veterans into your organization is one of the best choices you can make – veterans have the training, work ethic, and team mentality that can really boost the value of a company. And if you give your veteran hires the right tools, you’ll see them thrive.

At Voyig, many of our team members are veterans themselves. They understand the challenges of transitioning from military life to the business world. They know how to help your veterans navigate that process successfully.

Interested in having experienced, qualified veterans on your team? Voyig will guide you through every step of the process, offering training, skill building, and critical transition assistance.

The Voyig approach to training and retaining veterans:

  • We help you develop the strategies your veteran hires need to transition to your company’s culture.
  • Every strategy we recommend is customized to your company. Your goals. Your challenges. Your way of doing things.
  • Our six-month onboarding program – presented by veterans – incorporates action-based, hands-on learning experiences that reinforce key concepts.
  • We help you and your new veteran team members use the concepts we present to develop best practices that result in increased retention and a high-performing veteran workforce.
Bringing new hires into an organization is much more than running through a checklist of policies, processes, and tasks. It’s about transforming new employees into dedicated employees. It’s about making them feel welcome, getting them excited and engaged.
Source: Veteran Employment Leading Practices