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Resume Building Tips For Veterans

The Power of Keeping a Good Resume

Your resume will be the first impression that a potential employer has of you. First impressions are important and can make the difference between catching an employer’s attention or being tossed aside into a pool of candidates that they do not wish to pursue.

Things like format, structure, and […]

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Optimizing Recruiting Strategies in Today’s Market

How the Market has Changed

In recent years, the job market has been experiencing a steady shift. What used to be an employer advantage is becoming an employee advantage. As the unemployment rate continues to drop, companies are discovering that the pool of candidates is shrinking and finding quality talent is becoming more difficult. […]

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Employee Engagement

How to Cultivate an Engaged Workforce

Talk about your win-win situation; when you make it a strategy to foster an engaged workforce, your company has everything to gain and nothing to lose. Engaged workers make your organization more competitive, more resilient, and more profitable.

In fact, a recent article in Gallup’s Business Journal, Companies Are Missing Opportunities […]

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Selecting Candidates That Fit Your Company Culture

What is culture and why is it important?

An organization’s culture reflects the overall vision, goals, and values that the organization is built upon. Company culture determines what is normal within the organization and it influences the organization’s systems and procedures. Many companies are created with culture in mind and the culture will reflect […]

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How Human Resource Programs Can Boost Efficiency

Solid HR Programs Can Boost Companies’ Efficiency, Productivity

Companies that put well-crafted human resources programs into practice are realizing a significant benefit that can impact their bottom line: The same programs that help businesses cultivate, enhance, and retain strong talent bases also help drive those businesses’ efficiency.

The Human Factor: Finding, Training, and Keeping the […]

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Identifying and Cultivating Leaders

Good Leaders Can Transform Businesses: Here’s How to Find and Keep Them

When it comes to the success of a company, you cannot overestimate the importance of effective leaders. In fact, organizations with quality leadership are 13 times more likely to succeed, according to Dan McCarthy, director of Executive Leadership Programs at the Paul College […]

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More Than Memes – Social Media for Recruiting

Social Media Has Become Indispensible Recruiting Resource.

Facebook and Twitter have become much more than spots to find cute cat pictures, engage in political debates, and catch up on friends’ dating adventures. These days, social media sites like these are invaluable tools that can help your company connect with its next marketing pro, engineer, or […]

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Announcement of Rebranding to Voyig, LLC

We are pleased to announce that HR Remedy has completed its rebranding process into Voyig LLC!

HR Remedy, a best in class human capital firm, is excited to announce a fresh rebrand of the company. This rebrand will pave the way for a period of growth for the company as we begin operating under the […]

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