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Why do our clients consistently recommend our recruiting services? We deliver results: More than 80% of the candidates we match to clients get interviews, and more than 40% of those candidates get job offers. We have a long and consistent track record of finding the right people for the right position.

Our team of recruitment specialists will work with you to understand the mission and culture of your company. That way, the only candidates that make it through the pipeline will be vetted and prepared to jump into their new position with enthusiasm.

Not only are we effective at helping clients fill positions, we do it affordably. Voyig provides recruiting services at a total fixed cost instead of a percentage of salary fees that are prevalent in our industry. Our fees are 50-70% less than typical search firms. We strive to provide the highest level of service and ideally qualified candidates coupled with cost-effective fees.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)recruitment_outsourcing_header_search_icon

Voyig is all about flexibility. We handle recruitment for major, multi-national corporations and small, community-based businesses alike. There are no restrictions on the industry or type of position, either. Our talent acquisition services are tailored to fit the unique needs of your company and its goals.

Your Voyig talent acquisition team will customize our services and project team to the scale you need. Some clients want us to handle all of their recruiting, from finding their next VP to handling entry-level positions. Others want us to focus on specific target areas, like recruiting military veterans, truck drivers, or engineers. Some may want us to help with short-term projects, such as staffing new satellite locations.


We Go All Out

When you choose Voyig to handle your company’s recruiting, we integrate our dedicated team into your existing HR structure. Many of our clients’ future employees think we’re your “in-house” people. We work to understand and integrate into our client’s culture and uniqueness, allowing for a seamless transition.

Under the project manager’s guidance, our experienced recruiters and sourcers scour thousands of industry lists, social media, external sources, and our internal database of candidates. We do the research. We do the cold calls. We don’t limit ourselves to job boards. This thorough approach ensures that you get the best possible fit for your company.

In other words, when you choose Voyig, you get more than just “staffing services.” You get:

  • 80% submittal to interview hit rate
  • Improved time to hire
  • Better interaction with the hiring managers
  • Track your recruiting efforts with your choice of Voyig’s applicant tracking platform, use your in-house technology, or choose a customized “hybrid” option.
  • A dedicated team of talent acquisition specialists that serve as an extension of your company 
  • Fixed-rate pricing: 50-70% less than traditional search firms
More than 80% of the candidates we match to clients get interviews, and more than 40% of those candidates get job offers.


As the economy picks up steam, hiring is up – and so is competition for quality talent.
(Source, Workforce)


Military Veteran Recruitmentrecruitment_outsourcing_header_search_icon

As an employer, you have a tremendous resource at your fingertips: Military veterans consistently add value to the organizations that hire them in terms of skills, work ethic, loyalty, and dedication. Not only do Veterans provide a market of candidates that organizations have difficulty finding, but there is also a WOTC tax credit to organizations for each hired veteran. This reduces not only your cost per hire but also can help to offset some of your training and onboarding costs.

What Veterans Bring To The Table:

  • Fast Learners: Proven ability to quickly learn new skills and concepts.
  • Skilled Leaders: Military veterans understand how to manage and achieve goals, and they’re trained to lead by example.
  • Can-Do Attitudes: Veterans have a positive mind-set and the tenacity to get things done.
  • Team Players: Veterans really get the concept of working together.

And Voyig has the insights, connections, and experience to connect you with the best veteran candidates for your organization.

How Voyig Can Help:

We’ve Got Military Connections: Our veteran recruitment team are also veterans themselves. We have recruiters that served in combat as well as worked in the transition centers. Our established relationships, consist on some of the highest ranking officers in the military to having relationships with the individual military installations and local career centers.

We Create Candidate Pipelines: Our veteran recruiting team works closely with all military branches and veteran service organizations to channel veteran talent to your organization. In many cases, we work with military transition centers to engage talent before they have completed their service.

We Know Where to Look: We focus on the US cities with the highest veteran populations. We can help to place both higher level management positions as well as skilled trade roles. Most organizations focus on the JMO candidates. Voyig has access to JMO candidates as well as can fill field and skilled positions.

We Represent You: We work on our client’s behalf. Our process will help our client’s branding as a military friendly company. We work with the career centers and military installations on your behalf, not just as Voyig.[/fusion_text]