Leadership Training

Your leadership team has a direct impact on your company’s bottom line: Customer satisfaction. Growth. Employee recruitment and retention. Profits. Even prior to taking charge, training employees to have leadership skills and an ownership mindset can bring great benefits to your business. Small leadership interactions and the application of skills in real-world circumstances build up to have a great effect, and equipping your team to handle these situations can be crucial to long-term success.

The key to developing successful managers and leaders is helping them develop the competencies they need to drive your company’s growth. Voyig can help. We design customized, in-depth management and supervisory programs that teach and reinforce key competencies and leadership strategies.

Presented by former CEOs and COOs of large organizations, our leadership training courses use case studies and discussions to teach valuable skills.

Voyig knows what drives effective leadership development programs and aims to accelerate the growth of leaders. As a result, we aim to produce the highest quality results with a positive impact on the organization.


Voyig leadership programs are available in two formats:

  • Group presentation. In the group format, our former C-level executives present real-world examples and lead monthly discussions with small groups of 10 to 20 employees. Session lengths are four to five hours.
  • Hybrid. The hybrid option offers all of the benefits of 3 monthly group presentations, plus individual coaching and assessment sessions with the coach every other month.

Voyig develops and implements leadership development programs customized for a wide variety of organizations.

Leading Differences
A recent study by John H. “Jack” Zenger (co-founder, Zenger Folkman) found companies with poor leaders (bottom 10%) lost $1.2 million in annual revenue. Those with the best leaders (top 10%) gained $4.5 million in annual profit.