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Role Definition and Competency Development

Voyig has helped numerous organizations — of all sizes, and in a wide range of industries — to design and implement integrated talent management strategies. A successful talent management strategy ties into the organization’s strategic plan and goals. When you work with Voyig, you get more than simple HR services. Our experienced team members spend time learning about your company’s unique culture, positions, business goals, and needs. An effective talent management program is aligned with the company strategy, defines consistent evaluation criteria, and identifies both behavioral and functional competencies to cultivate continued growth.

Voyig’s integrated approach to human capital management means we can see the whole picture, and look beyond the talent management services to consider the impact of recruitment and training on your talent management strategy, and vice versa. 

Voyig helps you:

  • Become proactive instead of  reactive in your approach to hiring, developing, and retaining talent
  • Build a customized talent pipeline to fill your company’s current and future hiring needs.
  • Identify the employee skills and behaviors necessary to help your company grow
  • Establish meaningful metrics and benchmarks for employee assessment
  • Build your team’s professional skills and competencies
  • Create a leadership development program
  • Align goals with corporate strategy

We carefully design each piece of the employee recruiting and retention puzzle. And when we put them together, you get the people you need — with the abilities you need — to ensure growth and success for years to come.