More than 80% of the candidates we match to our clients get interviews, and more than 40% of those get job offers. But the numbers don’t tell the whole story. Hear directly from clients and candidates alike to get a firsthand perspective on Voyig’s integrated, customized approach to human capital management. People are the core of all that we do, and we strive to provide the highest quality service and create lasting and worthwhile connections between our clients and candidates.

Voyig is incredibly knowledgeable of our business, listens very well and asks the right questions to quickly come up with a very practical, simple and results- oriented solution to address whatever issue you need to tackle.
Voyig has helped me with system integrations, process mapping, policies and procedures, leadership development, HR training, staffing, succession and more. Why I keep coming back to them is because they offer great wisdom and practical solutions tailored to my specific business needs.
Voyig doesn’t over-complicate and keeps it real. Their integrity and work ethic is stellar so you always know you are going to get a great solution
Voyig has a unique ability to provide tailor-made programs and services. We started with the recruiting model and it is outstanding. We found that we were provided with a much better candidate slate than what we had previously obtained from job board postings, newspaper ads, etc. After implementing their approach, Voyig was able to successfully fill over 200 positions (exceeding our goal of 150 positions), as well as reduce our time to hire to just 30-40 days. There were also fewer resumes for Management and HR to have to weed through and the resumes reviewed were a much better match from both a cultural and technical standpoint.

Voyig’s ability to fill jobs in a shorter time frame with a solid candidate, at a cost that is significantly less than contingency search fees, is ultimately a win-win for HR and the Company.

Since we were so pleased with the result of the recruiting model, we explored what else Voyig could offer. At two separate energy companies, we used them to develop job descriptions and competencies for all jobs, create and provide quick training programs geared towards specific organizational needs, and conduct executive coaching. All services were cost effective and efficient. We were able to allocate resources in a more productive manner by outsourcing several services.

– Mary Ann Long, director of HR for 1,500-employee oil & gas company