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Role Definition and Competency Development

Clearly defined roles and competencies are a critical part of your company’s — and your employees’ — success. A good competency model acts as a blueprint that spells out the skills and behaviors your employees need to get their jobs done efficiently and effectively. And effective, efficient employees are key to your organization’s long-term growth.

Voyig can help you to define your roles, job levels and behavioral and leadership competencies — customized for your company — and based on a thorough analysis of your organization and your business strategy.

Defining Your Expectations: Why It’s Worth the Effort

At Voyig, we have helped numerous clients create well-crafted roles, job levels and competencies, and we’ve seen these efforts pay off for them time after time.

How can a solid competency model benefit your company?

  • You’ll be better equipped to recruit and retain the best employees.
  • Your employees will clearly understand not only what is expected of them but also how they are expected to perform their jobs
  • You’ll be able to not only measure skills but also necessary behaviors needed to be successful
  • You’ll have the ability to tie both skills and behaviors to job levels and promotions
  • You’ll know where your employees need improvement so you can help them improve their performance.
  • You’ll be better positioned to propel your organization toward its goals.

Put Our Expertise to Work

At Voyig, we carefully align your company’s HR strategies and goals, as well as your clients’ needs, as we help you map out your organization’s roles, job levels and competencies. The result: a detailed, relevant guide for getting the best possible performances from your people.

Voyig’s Approach:

  • We have experience working with major corporations and small, private operations — in industries across the board.
  • We identify competencies not only for your company leaders, but for all of your departments, from your admin team to your IT staff.
  • Each behavioral and leadership competency will have proficiency levels. This allows competencies to easily be tied to career progression.
  • We include specific behavioral indicators that can be reliably observed and evaluated.
  • We show you how to re-shape your human resources practices — from writing job descriptions to planning successions — to build a staff with the core competencies you’ve identified.